Hook Heath Neighbourhood Forum

MARCH 2013

The first day of Spring has come - and gone - with no sign, at the time of writing, of any improvement in the short term weather prospects. Never mind, we can look forward to the Easter holiday and hopefully next month will herald a change in the weather outlook.

Meanwhile, the next meeting of the proposed Hook Heath Neighbourhood Forum will be held at De Vere Venues, Gorse Hill commencing at 7.30pm on Wednesday 24 April. The facilities are once again kindly being made available to us by Ben Bridgeman, the general manager at Gorse Hill, and to whom we are most grateful. I hope that all residents who have shown interest and support for the Forum will attend this important meeting.

A copy of the agenda, together with the application to Woking Borough Council (WBC) for registration of the Forum is attached to this UPDATE. Minutes of the meeting of 28 November last year were circulated on 8 December and can also be downloaded from the Hook Heath Residents’ Association website (www.hhra.co.uk).

Consultation on draft registration application and constitution.

In the February UPDATE I mentioned that we had submitted a draft of this key document to WBC officers for their comment and advice. It was pleasing to learn that officers considered that it more than adequately covered all the issues. The one area identified as requiring further details concerned demographic information about the membership; gender, age profile and location.

You will see that thanks to the many replies received from members, we have been able to incorporate that information into the consultative draft with additional details expressed in tabular form at Annex 2.

Please take some time to read the document before our next meeting. Please advise me if you have any amendments that you wish to table and also if you have any questions about the application.

If you do have points to raise on the consultative document please advise me no later than WEDNESDAY 17 April. My e-mail address is: pjhill@onetel.net

Subject to any further amendments at the meeting and members’ support, it is our intention to submit the application for registration to WBC’s planning department as soon as possible after the 24 April meeting.

It is likely to be autumn this year, however, before we receive a final decision from WBC since the legislation requires there to be a ‘public consultation’ on the application. In addition, WBC’s timetable of Executive and Council meetings is a key factor.

Election of officers

The election of officers for the proposed Forum is another important item on the agenda at our forthcoming meeting. Our draft Constitution states that the Forum (once registered) shall be administered by a management committee of no less than three and no more than fifteen people consisting of a Chairperson, a Treasurer and a Secretary. I believe it would also be prudent to elect a Deputy Chairperson.

Nominations for these four officer roles, together with the names of proposers and seconders, should be submitted to Heather Mustard at: pointerslodge@aol.com no later than Wednesday 17 April.

Issues for the Forum

I hope that we shall have time available at the meeting to discuss the issues which residents feel ought to be addressed in a Neighbourhood Plan for Hook Heath. This really is important since the whole rationale for producing a plan is to resolve issues of concern - both now and especially for the future - of this area of Woking.

We are considering establishing three principal working groups - Built environment, Open spaces and Local infrastructure - to take forward work in each of these areas once the Forum has been formally registered.

Obviously the potential development threat to the Green Belt to the south of Woking is a major issue upon which any plan will focus but there must be many more issues of concern to residents of Hook Heath. Please think carefully and let’s have a constructive discussion on 24 April.

And finally...

If you have any friends and neighbours who you feel might wish to contribute to the development of the Hook Heath Neighbourhood Forum by becoming a member, please ask them to contact me at: pjhill@onetel.net. If you have any questions about the forthcoming 24 April meeting then I shall be happy to try to answer them.

Thank you for your interest and support and I look forward to meeting you again on 24 April at Gorse Hill. The next Forum UPDATE will be distributed at the beginning of May.

Have a happy and relaxing Easter holiday.

Peter Hill, vice chairman, Hook Heath Residents’ Association


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